What Does Retail Mean For Your City.

Since its inception economic development has always centered around recruiting and retaining industry, but over the last decade city leaders and economic development professionals have begun to understand that recruiting and retaining retail can be just as important.

Why you may ask?

1. Tax Base.
    How many of your local tax dollars get spent in a near bye community? How many tax dollars
    does your city miss out on because the goods and services your citizens want and need are not  
    located in your town? The answer will probably shock you.

2. Jobs.

    Retail jobs are not every economic development professionals ideal, but think beyond the girl
    at the checkout stand. Think managers, warehouse, transportation, security and the list goes on.
    Also many national and regional retailers will bring in people for higher level position which
    increases population.

3. Traffic Flow.

    We tend to think of traffic as a problem to be dealt with when in reality it is a advantage that
    has to be properly managed. Traffic is good, and it creates a synergy that compounds growth.

4. Solid retail helps recruit industry.

     If a company is looking to locate to a community, the goods and services that community is
     able to provide is a factor in the location decision.

5. Overall Quality Of Life.

    Eating and shopping make up a huge part of everyone's daily life. Retail and restaurants
    are not a luxury item, they are a necessity. If a community cannot provide that necessity
    it will not survive, much less thrive.

Believe it or not retail can be cultivated and recruited. It takes planning, it takes time, and it takes
money but it can be done. Make no mistake about it this is not a DIY project. Call a professional.
Reach out to us at RetailAttractions.com and lets get started. 


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